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Maybe you have just removed your tree, but you are still trying to figure out what to do with the tree stump. At first, you thought it was fine to let the problem go by ignoring it, but with time, the stump started to become more of an issue, looking messy or ugly in your yard. Our team at JT Tree Services provides excellent tree service Round Rock TX homeowners are proud to use, as we take the time to know your story so we can appropriately assist you. On our expert team, you will always find a qualified arborist Round Rock people can trust, as our work shows our knowledge of stump grinding. So, you can relax and put the work on us to handle your tree stump grinding process. We will use special equipment to grind the existing tree stump to the ground, which will allow you to grow plants or grass in the area. This method of stump grinding will have the least negative impact on your yard.

When is the right time for you to start the stump grinding process?


  • When the tree stumps are not a pleasant look in your otherwise beautiful yard

  • When the tree stumps sprout new and unnecessary plants

  • When you cannot plant new plants in the surrounding area, as the stump consumes all of the required nutrients to itself

  • When tree stumps attract bugs while decaying

  • When the mowing process becomes difficult due to the tree stump

  • When tree stumps can be the tripping spot for pedestrians and children

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We know that this question could be in your mind too: Can I allow the tree stump to dissolve naturally? Yes, you can, but let us tell you the disadvantages that come along with the process. Decomposition takes a lot of time depending on the tree, but naturally, it can take over ten years to decompose which, as we know, is a long time. Additionally, a decaying stump is home to several insect infections, bugs, ants, termites, and fungus, which could be a huge disadvantage.


The benefits of grinding the tree stump:


  • Provides an aesthetically pleasing landscape with no threat for any bystander

  • Allows you to plant whatever plants you choose, as there are no roots that need to be decomposed over time

  • There will be no large hole left in the middle of the landscape, which could have been a hazard


Now that you know what benefits stump grinding can bring to your home, you have to hire our expert arborist Round Rock homeowners appreciate to grind off that protruding stump in your backyard. Our valuable tree service Round Rock TX folks continuously use, has the required knowledge and experience regarding various root systems, and we use the latest equipment available in the market to complete the job smoothly. Take advantage of our amazing tree removal Round Rock TX residents love by reaching out to our service providers who are just a phone call away.


We are known around the area for providing dedicated services to many satisfied customers at a reasonable price. We will finish the job safely and efficiently. Call us today for all of your tree service needs!