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Georgetown Tree Services

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We all know how important trees are for both nature and humans. The shocking news is that approximately 3.5 billion to 7 billion trees are cut each year, and honestly, that is a lot of trees. Yes, there are certain reasons indicating why a tree must be removed to maintain the proper functioning of society. It may be that the trees are too large, causing them to lean into roads or block vehicles, or maybe, the branches are touching electrical wires and shorting circuits; otherwise, the tree could be diseased or decaying. However, according to us, tree removal should be the last resort, or the last possible action, because there are a lot of trees that are removed every year, causing an imbalance in the ecosystem. By preserving trees, we can avoid severe pollution problems, develop a larger amount of pure oxygen, maintain a good temperature, reduce global warming, and prevent soil erosion. Additionally, we should not forget that trees are a refuge to numerous wildlife. With these many advantages, trees must be well-kept and well-maintained.


There are numerous reasons why trees are being cut down more and more, year after year. The four main reasons for the increase in deforestation are:


  • Timber harvesting: it accounts for 37% of tree cutting all over the world

  • Agriculture expansion: this is always in high demand, and the major reason for deforestation; it results in 28% of tree cutting around the world

  • Wildfires: 21% of deforestation accounts from natural disasters like a wildfire

  • Human activities: road construction and mining are also major contributors to tree removal; 12% of deforestation results from human activities

The reason we are addressing this concern is because we at JT Georgetown Tree Service conduct tree removal as a last resort. Our expert arborists will look into every tree problem and suggest changes required for the tree to survive, meaning we make 100% effort to save and revive trees.


tree trimming Georgetown TX

Our tree trimming services will protect the trees, shrubs, or hedges from diseased branches or overgrown limbs.

tree removal Georgetown TX

Our team will completely remove a tree, or demolish 50% or more of the crown, trunk, or root system of the tree.

stump grinding Georgetown TX

We remove and grind any unwanted or old tree stumps that are in your yard collecting bugs and bacteria.

landscaping Georgetown TX

We do landscaping, tree clearing and more. Our services help refresh your yard and make it looking new again.


We know how much you love your trees, and how much you do not want to lose them. We support your cause and will try our best to save your diseased or decaying trees. Just give us a phone call when you recognize that something is unaligned or possibly just needing some help with your trees, and we will assign some of our expert arborists to speak with you, and then, examine the trees to provide a suitable solution for the problem.


In regards to the other services we provide, we offer tree trimming, stump removal, lot clearing, landscaping, and much more to ensure the health and prosperity of your property and its greenery. We provide the best work, and will value your time and money so much so that we will provide quality work within the specified deadlines at an affordable price.


End your long search in finding the best specialists to work on your project. With JT Tree Service, most of the responsibilities you currently have will become ours, and we will be the team you can trust! Call us today to get your trees looking fresher than ever!

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